Sociable Singles

Social group for single people who are over 60, enjoy good conversation and seek to make new friends who are local, of a similar age and living a single life for whatever reason.
Men and women are equally welcome, there’s absolutely no emphasis on dating, there’s no rules or regulations and no membership fees, just £1 per person per meeting.

After you’ve been along to a meet up, you will be invited to join our WhatsApp group which will keep you informed of any social activities taking place in between meets. It’s all very informal, all you need to do is just turn up, be willing to socialise, enjoy conversation and feel too young to be old!

Meet Ups are held at The Royal British Legion lounge and access is via the side door nearest to Boots the Chemist.

  • Jayne Hanley
  • 07739 537142
  • Royal British Legion, 39 Barfield Road, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8QX

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