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Personal Trainer with private training studio.

Whether you’re embarking on a brand new exercise regime or just want to switch up your current habits, you’ll need a personal trainer that is fully qualified with enough experience to know what works. I have a friendly, yet motivational attitude and have helped countless clients achieve their goals via tailored exercise and nutrition, thorough support and an endless passion for industry knowledge to ensure we get results.  I’ve always been a firm believer in practising what I preach so will be on this journey with you every step of the way.

I offer one-to-one personal training sessions at my personal studio in Colchester, virtual training sessions (Zoom) and a full online coaching package.

Having been training with clients for almost 10 years I can say Personal Training isn’t just about having someone to motivate you when it’s lacking, although that’s undoubtedly a part. It’s also about enjoying the process and all the benefits that come with it, applying strength where there’s weakness, incorporating a structured regime and acting on your body’s feedback cues.  Working with clients of all backgrounds, I began to understand there’s no one size fits all solution. From an individual craving the test of their fitness boundaries, to others steadily enhancing overall physical and mental well-being. Science-backed principles can certainly be applied but feedback is key for signalling development or plateau as we all respond differently. I’m continuously learning and aim to pass this knowledge on, helping clients become self-sufficient in their journey without feeling doubtful and alone in the process.

  • Alex Murphy
  • , Colchester, Essex

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